What Parents Can Expect:

  • Communication is the key! Your teacher will have periodic newsletters to keep you updated on what is happening in class. Also, we strongly encourage open communication via email and notes to your teacher in your child’s folder. Teachers will respond as soon as possible.

  • Ensure that your child comes to school with their green Solorio Folder and a healthy snack EVERYDAY!!!

  • Six weeks into each grading period/trimester, your child will receive a Progress Report ONLY IF your child needs help meeting the State/District Benchmarks for the upcoming Report Card. Each child will receive a Report Card at the end of each trimester. (See attached sheet for kindergarten goals.)

  • Volunteers are definitely needed! We can ALWAYS use your help!! Your teacher will inform you of detailed information at the Parent Orientation if you are interested in volunteering.

  • Homework will begin in the month of September. Homework will be sent home in a monthly packet, attached with a calendar. It will be due every Friday on a weekly basis. Please let children do all work and writing required. DO NOT DO ANY PART OF YOUR CHILD’S HOMEWORK!

Information regarding Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is available on the Etiwanda School District Website or contact our school office at (909) 357-8691.

Children grow and mature at different rates. Not all children are ready for school at the same time. This is a condensed checklist of developmental skill levels based upon evidence of school readiness in children. It has been prepared in the hope that parents will evaluate in a general way their child’s overall pattern of development and readiness.

READINESS CHECKLIST - Your child should...

Social Skills

  • Be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2020

  • Initiates his/her own leisure-time activities.

  • Follow directions.

  • Do tasks when asked the first time.

  • Finish one activity before starting another.

  • Work independently.

  • Take turns and shares.

Motor Skills

  • Be able to trace or draw a line with control.

  • Cut with scissors.

  • Put puzzles together

  • Can help dress her/himself: coat, socks, shoes.

  • Use a fork properly.

  • Catch a medium-sized ball.

  • Be able to skip and hop on one foot.

Language Skills

  • Tell and/or recognize full name when asked and by sight.

  • Orally identifies letters in name.

  • Speak in complete sentences.

  • Listen with interest, to short story (10 minutes or more).

  • Identify basic colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, etc.

  • Identify Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval

  • Count in order to 30/recognize numbers to 30 out of order.

  • Identify letters and numbers

Mathematics Skills

  • Arrange items in groups according to size, shape or color.

  • Use word like bigger, smaller, heaviest to show comparison.

  • Correctly count four to ten objects.

  • Show the understanding of the passing of time.

Listening Skills

  • Using Oral Context - complete the sentence

  • Initial Sounds

  • words that begin the same

  • Produce/know rhyming words

Writing Skills

  • Tries to write, scribble, or draw.

  • Attempts to write their name.

  • Asks you to write words or notes to people.

  • Sees you writing and tries.

If you are unsure that your child meets all of the above recommendations, it is definitely acceptable to wait until next year for your child to begin Kindergarten. Waiting until your child is ready (both socially and emotionally) will help your child to become more successful for the rest of their school years ahead!