4th Grade - Ms. Stevens
Welcome to Fourth Grade!

This is going to be a great Adventure!  

This year, marks the 21st year I have been working in the Etiwanda School District.   I started my career here as a Substitute Teacher and had the opportunity to help write individual curriculum for SDC.  I then started as a General Education teacher in Second Grade.  I moved to Kindergarten, where I taught for 5 years.  Next, I taught First Grade for 2 years and ended up here, in Fourth Grade, for the last 11 years.  

My goals have always been to make a difference in the world, and to leave the world a better place.  I strive for this every day and encourage my students to do the same.  I encourage my class to work as a community, or family.  I wish them to build each other up, and to help each other when they are down.  Academics are important, but so is the content of their character.  

This year I hope to help your students with the transition to upper elementary.  It is a big jump from Third Grade to Fourth, but I know that with the routines in place, and the support of our staff, and parents, they can be successful.  

Communication is the KEY!  If you should have any questions, or concerns, please contact me! You can email me at Tara_Stevens@etiwanda.org.  

With that said, let us start our ADVENTURE!