For the week of April 13-17th :

Good Morning 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders, I hope everyone is doing well.  First I wanted to say,  Happy Easter I hope everyone had a great day spending time with their  families!  


I was so happy you see many of your faces last Friday!   Thank you for logging on.  We will meet again this Friday starting with
1st grade @ 9:30,
2nd grade @ 10:00am &
3rd grader @ 10:30am on google meets passwords RSP. 


This time I will be asking  you some questions about how your Easter was? How was it different from past Easters?  Did you have a good time?  What did you do?


I've also  attached some PE activities to help you practice your  sight words for this week.





Practice 1 word a day and by  Friday, when we log on, you tell me your favorite word you worked out to.  Lets see if it helps you remember how to spell it.  We will have a quiz to see how many people can spell the word..... BECAUSE, have a pencil and paper ready.  

Here's an example of how to  use the letters of the alphabet activities.    For example, if your word was HAVE.  


H= Hop like a frog 8 times

A=Jump up and down 10 times

V=Flap your hands like a bird 25 times

E= Walk like a bear and count to 5


Say the letters as you do your activities and when your all done, SPELL it out   H-A-V-E



Sounds like FUN, right?  Ok, your challenge is to choose 1 word a day,  I"ll check on how your coming along with the sight words on Friday when we log on.  If you have a brother or sister, have them join you.  I'm hoping it will be a better week to be outdoors.   But in the meantime, 

I'll be working and practicing my  word,  BECAUSE  today.