1st Grade - Mrs. Canchola

Welcome to 1st Grade!

I am so excited to meet you on Monday!
Here are some helpful hints to help our first day of school go smoothly:

-When you arrive at our classroom, please 
come inside and sign-in to tell me how your child will go home 
(FASD, Etiwanda Daycare, or picking your child up/older sibling). If you are 
picking your child up please meet us at the gate by the MPR.
-Send your child with a snack for recess time. Please write your child's name 
and place it in the snack basket (on my counter).

-Make sure your child knows if he/she brought lunch from home or
will be buying lunch at the cafeteria. 

-If you have lunch money, please send it with your child. 
I have lunch numbers if you need it.

-Make sure your child gets a good night's rest on Sunday! 
It's a long day and they will come home tired on Monday afternoon!

This is going to be a great year!