Secure Campus Procedures

Introducing New Procedures for the Morning Drop-off and Dismissal of Solorio Students!

Solorio is a Secure Campus 2018/2019


Purpose:  To provide a more secure and safer campus during the student transition to and from our School Campus.  To have all visitors sign-in and follow our school’s visitor policy.


Morning Drop-off:  Students will continue to enter our campus through the gates between the office/kindergarten playground and the gates between the MPR/kindergarten playground.  Parents/guardians/visitors will not be permitted to enter through these gates (please see Transitional kindergarten/Kindergarten parent section for an exception). 

Gates near the I Pod (southeast) are monitored by staff and this is an entrance for special education only.  We have six special education classrooms (Etiwanda School District & San Bernardino County classrooms). 

Child care gates (also near the I Pod- southeast) are open when our office is closed.  Child care parents/students will enter through the school’s office during the instructional day.  There is a security gate preventing child care visitors from entering the main campus when the office is closed.


Visitor Procedures:  We encourage parents to allow their children to become more independent in the morning.  Our Solorio students are with us in a secure environment throughout the school day and morning recess will simply become a part of their school day where their parents have already said “goodbye” and provided wishes for a great day of learning.  (Transitional Kindergarten/ Kindergarten Parents- please see your section)


***Please be prepared to show identification when visiting or volunteering at Solorio. 


If a parent has an appointment/conference with their child’s teacher, they will need to sign-in in the office.  Teachers will notify office staff of the meeting.


If a parent would like to visit the campus, they will need to sign-in in the office.  Parents are asked to kindly respect instructional minutes by not trying to meet with the teachers as they are working with their students to begin their instructional day.  Visitors may not follow students to their classrooms or assist with “backpack procedures”.  Visitors must exit through the office and sign-out. 


Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten Parents:  TK and Kindergarten parents will receive a badge with your child’s information on their first day of school.  The badge will allow TK and Kindergarten parents to escort their child to their classroom.  TK and Kindergarten parents will exit the campus after escorting their child to their classroom.  They may not visit other classrooms or enter the main playground (1st-5th grade play area).  If you forget your badge, you may check-in through our office. 


Walking Program:  We facilitate our walking program three times per school year for specific weeks.  We will send a flyer home with the weeks and parents are invited to participate.  Parents will be required to check-in through our office.  There will be a sign-in specifically for the walking program.  Walking program participants will exit through our office. 


Student of the Month Flag Ceremonies (outdoor stage):  Parents will be notified if their child is receiving the Student of the Month Award.  They will check-in and check-out through the office to attend the ceremony. 


Award Ceremonies and other performances in the MPR:  Guests will enter through the MPR doors facing the parking lot.  Guests will not be allowed to enter the campus unescorted from the smaller MPR doors leading to our playground.


Breakfast:  Parents are allowed to enter through the MPR main doors with their child during breakfast starting at 7:45 AM.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the campus unescorted from the smaller MPR doors leading to our playground.  Parents wishing to visit the campus may only enter through the office. 


Student Interventions and morning classes (by invitation only):  Only students will enter through the office and go to their intervention / morning classrooms. 


Library/ AR testing:  Parents and students will enter through the office.  Parents will check-in through our librarian or staff member.   Parents wishing to visit the campus must sign-in through our office.


Dismissal:  Students will exit through the gates between the office/ kindergarten playground and the gates between the MPR/ kindergarten playground.  Please allow our students to exit.  Parents may not enter the campus at this time.  (Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten parents are an exception and they will have a badge.) 


First Day of School- August 6, 2018:  There will be NO morning recess playtime.  Teachers will be in their classrooms and parents may walk their children to class on the 1st day of school only.