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Healthy Solorio Tigers by Limiting Added Sugar

The Solorio staff is joining together with Solorio Parents to help students limit added sugar in their daily foods! Solorio Elementary has begun a targeted effort to help reduce the amount of sugar Solorio students eat! As we all know, the amount of sugar in fruit juice, beverages, and processed food is overwhelming to the human body, especially when the body is exposed to large doses of sugar every day. Over time, the body breaks down in its ability to handle such large amounts which leads to conditions such as diabetes, fatty liver disease and heart disease.   In particular, children, who already have less body mass than an adult, but require great amounts of energy for growth and development, are being deprived of getting healthy nutrients because they fill up on foods that are high in added sugar. Please help these efforts by including less processed foods in your child’s lunch, include more fresh fruit and avoid beverages such as fruit juice, flavored boxed or pouch beverages, and chocolate milk. According to the American Heart Association, children should have less than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. This is the equivalent to less than 24 grams. By carefully reading nutrition labels, we can track our child’s daily sugar “budget” and plan portions and healthy options accordingly.

Adapting classroom birthday celebrations is one way to avoid too much sugar. Most regular cupcakes, donuts, cake slices, etc. exceed 24 grams (or 6 teaspoons) of added sugar. By bringing smaller portions such as mini cupcakes or donut holes, or providing healthier options like fruit or cheese and crackers, we can help limit amounts of added sugar. Trying to find alternatives to food treats is also a great option! Donating a book or classroom supplies, giving pencils, erasers or stickers can be other fun ways to celebrate your child’s special day. Additionally, these items will enable your child’s birthday to be celebrated beyond consuming the food item!

For additional resources to learn about sugar and its dangerous effects, please consider viewing these two videos.

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Solorio Parents! Let’s work together to foster healthier and higher achieving children! By combining efforts, we can help our Solorio Tigers make better dietary choices and have a great awareness of their own health!