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Aug 5, 2019   Today was a productive first day of school.  The students were informed on the rules and procedures of the classroom.  We completed first day of school assignments.  The students wrote about themselves, answered questions about them/family, completed Math problems, word search, and took a tour of the school.   

Aug. 6, 2019
Today in Language Arts we covered "Essential Question", read a folktale about a Meerkat who wanted to be a leader, we discussed comprehension questions related to the reading selection- We also covered what's the characteristic of a folktale.  We also did problems involving capitalization, punctuation, ABC order, and the 8 parts of speech. 

In Math, we worked on rounding to the nearest 10's and 100's.  We started Lesson 1.1 in our Math book.  We discussed in depth what the commutative property of addition is.  We worked on all the pages together as a class.

Aug. 7, 2019
Today in Language Arts we reread the folktale on "Kafaa's Discovery"  Students were given a spelling test that will help identify certain spelling patterns.  
We covered the same concepts of Language Arts from yesterday. In addition to the same concepts from yesterday, we introduced synonyms.  We read an article titled "Start the Year Right"  Students answered questions about the passage.  We are working on answering questions in a complete sentence.

In Math, we worked on rounding to the nearest 10's and 100's.  We worked on Lesson 1.2 in our Math book.  The students completed this independently.  I will be checking their completed work.   Please ask your child to round numbers at home for extra practice.  You can ask her/him to round your address to the nearest 10's and 100's     Thanks for all your support!

The students created an apple glyph.

Physical Education was indoors due to the heat.  The students played games in the multi-purpose room. 

Aug 8, 2019
In Language Arts we read a non-fiction story about meerkats.  We also continued to work on Language Arts concepts.  We watched several videos on how to work and share in pairs and groups of students.  We also did some phonic activities.

In Math, we did lesson 1.3 as a class.  Please continue to ask your child to round numbers to the nearest 10's and 100's.   Thanks for ALL your support.

In Science, we read about telescopes and the sun.

We attended a rules presentation in the MPR given by Dr. Pilgren and Mrs. Mawhorter.

Most students were able to complete STAR reading assessment this afternoon.  I will be sending results of this assessment as soon as I get all the results.  

Aug 12, 2019
Tomorrow is Back to School Night.  I look forward to meeting with all of you.  We are still waiting for the arrival of our "Green" communication folders.  Thank you for returning and signing the Tiger cards.  Please continue to monitor your child's reading and mastering of multiplication facts.  Your child also has our Language Arts cover sheet.  This sheet will be used for 2 weeks.  We are covering our vocabulary words this week.  Next week will focus on spelling words.

Today in Language Arts we covered: capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech (Verbs), verb agreement, and sentence combining.   We read our weekly story "Wolf"  We did an assignment that covered the main character of the story.  We looked back into the text to support our answers.  We also wrote about an illustration from the textbook.  

In the area of Geography we are learning about what a globe is.  Ask your child what is a globe.  What is the shape of a globe and Earth? 

In Math we worked on compatible numbers and friendly numbers.  We also rounded to the nearest 10's.  We added a number by 10's and 100's.  Wrote in expanded form: 50+4

Aug. 13, 2019
Hope to see all of you tonight!

Aug 14, 2019
We did our normal routine in the morning.  We did cover answering questions by restating the question.  Please reinforce this strategy at home when your child is required to answer questions.  Ask your child if he/she remembers another way to say "How do you know?"  

In Math, we practiced our multiplication facts.  Our Math was shorter today due to PE. 

In the afternoon we worked on our IREADY Math assessment.  

Aug. 15, 2019

We went over our morning work and read our Wolf story.  We reviewed our vocabulary words for tomorrow's exam.  Please have your child review their morning packet.  The packet is in his/her green folder.   In Math, we did lesson 1.6

In Social Studies, we read about Physical and Human Geography.

August 19, 2019
This morning our writing topic was about "What we did over the weekend"

Our morning work was on various Language Arts concepts and Math concepts.  Please refer to the email that was sent with all the attachments.  

We learned three sentence types:  statement, question, and command. 

August 21, 2019

In Language Arts we reviewed our spelling words.  We went over letter sounds.  

Our writing topic title was "When I went to the park I saw a ________"  Ask your child what he/she wrote about. 

We read about the Statue of Liberty.

We started our Universal Access instruction.  We didn't have enough time to start our Math due to PE.  We did work on an addition assignment.